Why you should choose our products

Technosmart is not any electronic company which is producing devices only for profit.

Technosmart was founded in 2006 after a few years of “home production” by the passionate ornithologist Giacomo Dell’Omo. Giacomo was the first to develop a GPS for birds and the first studies with GPS on birds have been accomplished with his devices and his active partecipation on the field.

With the years, the company has grown, but still half of the staff is made of passionate field biologists who spend time on the field every year deploying and testing our new and old products.

We know what it means to be on the field, where everything must work perfectly, and we try to make very reliable and perfectly functioning products. Therefore, we always listen to customer requirements before taking your order and if necessary we are happy to modify casings, hardware configuration and whatever it takes to send you the best devices for your study species.

Nevertheless, sometimes things can go wrong, and we are ready to replace devices if they did not work, or if something was not perfect. Our customer care is always ready to help you, practically every day of the year even outside of working hours if necessary.

Furthermore, we are very open to collaborations and we are keen to develop new devices and features according to researchers’ requirements. If you have special requirements for your devices, we might be able to produce it.

Contact us if you want more information about our devices and how they could work for your field study.