What’s New

Our latest development is our Axy 5, both datalogger and with remote downloading.

Compared to its predecessor the Axy 4, the axy 5 has a lot of new features which we think might be interesting for the researchers while keeping its small size.

The main difference is the possibility to configure a schedule on the Axy5. While still being able to record continuously 24/7 if you prefere, you can now select different frequencies and settings for different times of the day. For example if you already know your animal is relatively quite during the night, you can configure the device to just record at 1hz during the night, and then at 25hz during the day.

A second and very important feature is the possibility to add a radio transmitter to download the data remotely. Clearly the remote downloading adds a few grams in weight, and a few mm in size and has a much higher power consumption, but you will be able to download your data without the need to physically retrieve the device with either an handheld or automatic base station. You will be able to download even continuously recorded data, like a week of 25hz data in a couple of minutes without problems.

A third important feature is the presence of the magnetometer. In the Axy5 the magnetometer can run only at 1hz, and can be used to determine the movement compared to a magnet. For example you are studying bivalves and want to know how often and how much they open the valves? You can do it with a magnetometer.

So contact us if you are interested in this new device!