'how to' videos

Axy5 Tutorial

AxyTrek Tutorial

AxyTrek Remote Tutorial

Calibrate the AGM Magnetometer

Turning on and off the GiPSy6

New travel mode exit procedure

GPS Tracking

Tracking in Guyana

Tracking in Peru

Tracking in Eritrea

Tracking in Italy

Tracking in Guadalupe

Field work Sites

Wings over Peru

BBC – Cape Gannet tracking

Snapshots from Panama

Shearwaters’ Island – Linosa

Postcards from Andros

Attaching and recovering a GPS with tape

Attaching GPS on a Tern

Attaching GPS on a Booby

Attaching GPS on a Shearwater

Attaching a device with Velcro

Preparing the Velcro for the dummy

Preparing the Velcro for the Pigeon

Preparing the Pigeon for the Velcro strip

Attaching the Velcro strip to the Pigeon