Team members

Giacomo Dell'Omo

The vulcanic founder of Technosmart. Field ecologist and always travelling to track birds around the globe

Marco Scialotti
CTO / Developer

Aka Marco 1, the main engineer of Technosmart and the mind behind most of our products

Carlo Catoni
Sales Manager and field tester

Field Biologist, ornithologist, sometimes travelling around to test the devices, but mostly at the desk to sell them

Marco Cianchetti
Sales and field tester

Aka Marco 3, field Biologist, ornithologist, travelling around to track shearwaters, and at the desk to sell our devices

Luigi Monaco

The first technician of Technosmart. If something isn’t working is his fault.. if something is working well, you have to thank him

Saji Thomas Pamplaniyil

Second Technician. If you like the casings and the coating of your devices, you have to thank him.

Valeria Jennings
Data Analyst

She is the real nerd between us.. she loves data analysis for some reason. If you have some question about how to analyse your data, ask her

Marco Andreoli

Aka Marco 2, the mind behind our remote devices

Pietro Serenellini

A vulcanic engineer, always coming with a new idea which we will never realise


Doesn’t want to show, because his identity must remain secret.. the mind behind our Argos devices if they will ever be ready