Axy 5 S is the small version of the Axy 5 family. This accelerometer is indicated where a longer battery duration is needed compared to the XS version. This version represents a good compromise between the battery duration and low weight and size of the device. Axy 5 S is the evolution of Axy 4 with several improvements: a magnetometer it was implemented together with the possibility to fully schedule the recording sessions. Now you can prolong the battery life and record only when is needed.


The Axy-Trek Remote is a small data logger with GPS, a tri-axial accelerometer and Remote data download via UHF up to 2 Km. The Axy-Trek Remote can record a large amount of different behavioural data at once, allowing a new range of behavioural studies. Fully schedulable device to meet a wide range of research needs. Several sensors can be included in this device such as pressure/temperature, light and dry/wet.