AGM is a miniaturized tri-axial accelerometer datalogger with magnetometer, gyroscope and temperature sensor. Accelerometer measures the acceleration of the body along with three directions and allows you to characterise different behavioural patterns or calculate energy expenditure. The magnetometer and gyroscope allow researchers to collect information about the orientation and movement direction of the study animal at high frequency.


Axy 5 S is the small version of the Axy 5 family. This accelerometer is indicated where a longer battery duration is needed compared to the XS version. This version represents a good compromise between the battery duration and low weight and size of the device. Axy 5 S is the evolution of Axy 4 with several improvements: a magnetometer it was implemented together with the possibility to fully schedule the recording sessions. Now you can prolong the battery life and record only when is needed.


The Axy-Trek Mini is a very small data logger with GPS and tri-axial accelerometer. The Axy-Trek Mini can record a large amount of different behavioural data at once, allowing a new range of behavioural studies. Fully schedulable device to meet a wide range of research needs. Several sensors can be included in this device such as pressure/temperature (TDR), light, and wet/dry sensors.


The Gipsy Remote is a miniaturized GPS data logger with Radio data download. The Gipsy Remote makes it the ideal solution for applications where weight and dimensions are critical. Gipsy Remote is highly customizable to meet all possible research needs, and be used in a wide range of species. Available with a high-efficiency solar panel.

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