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Title: Description: Date: Version:
GiPSy4 Firmware This is the latest firmware for the GiPSy-4 2017-02-17 1.6.1J50
TS Bootloader This is a tool for updating the firmware for the Axy and GiPSy families. 2015-02-09 1.0(B5367)
Axy-2 Firmware This is the up to date firmware for the Axy-2 2014-11-06 1.7
Firmware 5.17 This is the latest internal firmware for the GiPsy module produced on 07.10.09 2009-10-19
Axy-WP Firmware The latest firmware for the Axy-WP. 2014-09-11 1.5
Gipsy 5 Firmware 1.2.3 This is the firmware of Gipsy-5, that should go with the normal loggers, not solar powered. 2015-03-03 1.2.3.
Axy-WPLegacy Firmware The latest firmware for the Axy-WP Legacy. 2014-09-12 1.5
AN1310 2015-03-17
Axy-Depth Firmware The latest firmware for Axy-Depth units. 2014-09-11 1.1