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Gipsy Remote L


  • Small size, only 42x30x10mm
  • 17g with battery, solar cells and epoxy waterproof encapsulation!
  • Easy to program to record positions adjustable from 1 fix/sec (high resolution mode) to larger time intervals up to minutes and hours
  • Possibility to program up to 4 different daily intervals with different fix rate and/or switching off. Configurable up to 2 remote downloading sessions per day.
  • Remote downloading from up to 2 km in line of sight.
  • Very low power consumption: with good weather could record 1 fix every 5 minutes without discharging, even at night!!
  • Can be mounted on lightweight collars and backpacks (<20g) for small and medium-size animals


  • rechargeable batteries of user-defined capacity
  • USB-to-RS232 USB data cable
  • CD-ROM with GiPSy Software
    (for Microsoft Windows XP and Windows7, x86 and x64 architecture)

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Documents and datasheet

Gipsy 4 manual:sula (5K)
Appendix for Remote downloading:sula (5K)
Battery types, sizes and duration estimation:sula (5K)