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Gipsy Remote

Hardware designed by milsar (4K)

The Gipsy Remote is the first product of the collaboration between Milsar and Technosmart Europe.
With its small size, completely custom tailored casing, its many sensors, and its very fast radio link, the Gipsy-Remote is one of the most advanced GPS logger with radio download on the market


  • Small size, only 35x19x13mm, 9g in smallest configuration that includes solar panels.
  • Several different shapes and weights are available upon request.
  • Starting from 5g without solar panels.
  • Automatic downloading link from up to 5km in line of sight.
  • Offered with several sensors that allow you to study animals' behaviour:
    • 3D Accelerometer
    • 3D Magnetometer
    • 3D Gyroscope
    • Pressure & Temperature sensor (down to 200m)
  • All sensors can record in burst or one shot mode.
  • Possibility to have the Remote with GPS and accelerometer only, or with all sensors included.
  • Data delivered in txt and kml, directly visible on Google Earth.
  • Can be mounted on lightweight collars and backpacks (from 9g) for small and medium-size animals


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barra_orizzontale (1K)

Documents and datasheet

Gipsy Remote manual:sula (5K)