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Why is GPS the right choice for your study?

A GPS data-logger allows you to record the movements of an animal with highly detailed temporal and spatial resolution, specifically:

  • It can be used to analyse the movements in relation to habitat (you can link tracks to thematic maps);
  • It can provide detailed individual activity allowing you to distinguish different types of movements: flying, soaring, roosting, running, walking, resting, plunge diving, floating, etc..
  • If used with marine birds flying over the sea, it can provide locations that can be associated with main physical and biotic oceanographic features;
  • Can be used for studies on the homing behavior to reveal the trajectories used during the homeward trip;
  • Can be used to reveal foraging patterns and hunting strategies;
  • Can be used for studying flight dynamics (including precise speed and altitude) and for estimating energy costs*
  • Can reveal home ranges, hunting or fishing areas, preferred traveling routes, proximity to landscape features;
  • If used on several individuals at the same time, can reveal flock or herd dynamics (i.e. movement of one individual relative to the rest of the group: e.g. leadership or spatial relationships among the member of the group);
  • Can be used with other instruments such as accelerometer, EEG data-logger, surface water temperature logger, depth logger, salinity sensor, small video cameras etc.
    *high resolution GPS available (10 Hz)