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Gipsy 4

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  • Very small size, only 27x13.5x4mm with chip antenna, 20x13.5x4 with whip antenna (antenna excluded)
  • 1.8g without battery, 3g with the smallest battery able of up to 5 days of recording (1fix/10 minutes)!
  • Easy to program to record positions adjustable from 1 fix/sec (high resolution mode) to larger time intervals up to minutes and hours
  • Possibility to program up to 4 different daily intervals with different fix rate and/or switching off. The time schedule can also vary during the week from day to day.
  • Very low power consumption: 15 mAh in high resolution mode (TPM mode, 1 fix/sec), 0.2-10 mA in power saving modes (lower time resolution)
  • Data delivered in txt and kml, directly visible on Google Earth
  • Can be mounted on lightweight collars (<15g) and backpacks (from 3.5g) for small and medium-size animals


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Documents and datasheet

Gipsy 4 manual:sula (5K)
Compare the old Gipsy-2 with the new Gipsy-4:sula (5K)
Battery types, sizes and duration estimation:sula (5K)