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What can you get from an Axy-Depth?

With the Axy-Depth you have a completely waterproof instruments that measures the acceleration of the body along three directions, environmental temperature and air-water pressure.
With the Axy-Depth you will be able to characterize several different behavioural patterns of aquatic animals.
  • Detailed temporal profile of the individual activity;
  • Categories of movement: walking, running, flying, swimming, floating, diving, resting, eating, etc..
  • Temperature and pressure/depth of the water the animal was swimming in


  • Very small size, only 12x31x11mm
  • Very light instrument, only 6.5g with battery and waterproof encapsulation
  • 1Gb memory size, up to 50 days of continuous recording!!
  • 0.1C temperature accuracy and 0.5mbar pressure accuracy, up to 30bar
  • Customizable frequencies and g ranges
  • Easy to program via software interface data cable
  • Very low consumption


  • 17-100 mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery
  • USB-to-RS232 USB data cable
  • CD-ROM with Axy Manager user interface
    (for Microsoft Windows XP and Windows7, x86 and x64 architecture)

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barra_orizzontale (1K)

Documents and datasheet

Operating manual:pdf (5K)