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Axy-Trek is the latest device by TechnoSmart, the first datalogger including a GPS, an accelerometer, and both a pressure and temperature sensor (TDR).
It summarizes the technical features of our latest dataloggers, GiPSy-5 and Axy-3, in a unique product.
The new Axy-Trek can record a large amount of different behavioural data at once, allowing a new range of behavioural studies.

  • The accelerometer collects data continuously, and can record at 10 to 100Hz for up to 80 days.
  • The pressure and temperature sensors (TDR) have a recording frequency of 1Hz.
  • The GPS, that can be switched on/off by the activity sensor can be configured to record from 1 fix/sec to 1 fix/week

The Axy-Trek has a new activity/inactivity sensor, that automatically switches on/off the GPS if a certain threshold of movement (user configurable) is reached.


  • Size: 36x22x10mm
  • 6g including battery
  • Hybrid product including GPS + Accelerometer + pressure + temperature (TDR)
  • Soon available the 9D version with magnetometer and gyroscope
  • Customizable GPS fix rate (1/sec to 1/week) and accelerometer frequency (10-100Hz)
  • Very low power consumption
  • GPS activated by activity sensor (user configurable)
  • USB data cable for communication
  • User friendly software for configuration and data downloading

Power consumption

With a 300 mAh battery and GPS at a fix rate every 5 minutes can record for

  • 17 days with accelerometer at 10 Hz
  • 15 days with accelerometer at 25 Hz
  • 8 days with accelerometer at 50 Hz
  • 4 days with accelerometer at 100 Hz

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Documents and datasheet

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