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What is an accelerometer?

An instrument that measures the acceleration of the body along three directions and that allows you to characterise different behavioural patterns

    What can you get from the accelerometer?

  • Detailed temporal profile of the individual activity;
  • Categories of movement: walking, running, flying, swimming, floating, diving, resting, eating, etc..

    Why use an accelerometer?

  • When there is a need to characterize the individual activity and the time budgets of an animal
  • When animals are freely moving (in lab or in the field)
  • When size is critical


  • Very small size, only 9.5x15x4mm
  • Very light instrument, only 0.7g without battery
  • 2Gb memory size, up to 30 days of continuous recording at 25Hz!!
  • Customizable frequencies and g ranges
  • Easy to program via software interface data cable
  • Very low consumption
  • Magnetic switch to more reliably switch it on and off


  • 17-100 mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery
  • FTDI USB data cable

barra_orizzontale (1K)

barra_orizzontale (1K)

Documents and datasheet

Datasheet:sula (5K)
Operating manual:sula (5K)